You may use copywriters regularly, or you may be new to the idea of having copy written for you. In either case, this page will help to answer some of the main questions often asked about briefing, amends, costs and more.

Copywriting FAQs

1. How do we brief you?

We work face-to-face, by phone and by email. Some writing projects benefit greatly from an initial meeting, but our copywriting clients in Europe, the US and Australia work with us very successfully via email and phone.


2. What if we don't like the copy?

One round of major amends is included in an estimate, and your feedback is actively welcomed on all text. For larger writing jobs, we will usually produce an initial batch of sample material. That helps to establish tone of voice. Of course, we're good but we're not perfect. On the very rare occasions where a client has thought we are not 'getting' it, we have always parted amicably.


3. How much work is needed from us?

Many of our clients are almost completely 'hands off', especially once we have understood their key marketing messages and corporate style. In these cases, a copy briefing can involve a one-line email. For new clients, an initial meeting and a copy of any existing collateral is often enough to get copywriting underway. Where amends are needed, we supply revised copy with changes tracked, to save time on re-reading.


4. Isn't it better to write it ourselves?

The benefits of using a copywriter extend well beyond time savings for you. A fresh perspective on your business is valuable – a copywriter's job is partly to see what your business is doing from a customer's perspective. Very often, our job is to rewrite content so that it focuses on what customers want, not simply on what a business does. This is a sometimes subtle but crucial difference: your copy must answer the all-important customers' question, "What's in it for me?"


5. How can you understand our business?

Our job is to make sure that your customers can understand your business – if we can't comprehend what you do, you almost certainly have a problem beyond copywriting. Poor sales or failing client relationships are often down to poor communication. All-write is experienced in many different business sectors, and the odds are that we have already written for a business that has a lot in common with your own, including highly specialised firms dealing in technology products and high-level financial service providers.


6. What does it cost?

Each job is different, but to give you a rough idea, a one-off marketing email for an existing client can cost around £80. A typical case study based on interview might be around £160.


7. Do you write SEO copy?

Writing for SEO is often about generating 'empty' content, repeating key words simply to attract search engines. A good copywriter wants to avoid damaging the marketing message or brand identity. We certainly write SEO-friendly content when creating web pages (see how many italicised writing and copywriting-related words are in this short paragraph of text). However, our copy is designed primarily to persuade customers.


8. What if I need print/design/web coding etc?

We have excellent relationships with a number of design and communications agencies and freelancers. That means we can often recommend a good 'fit' for your own marketing requirements. Of course we are also very happy to work with your own agency or in-house creatives.


10. How long does copywriting take?

From brief to final copy can be as little as a few hours. It isn't unknown for us to respond within an hour on a small job. However, as a rule of thumb, a new brochure will take 1-4 weeks and a new web site 2-6 weeks. This is often most critically dependent on turnaround/copy review times at your end of things.


11. Is there any topic you can't write about?

We have tackled writing for most industry types, and we specialise in high-tech and financial services copywriting as well as sustainability issues. We've done pretty much everything from naming a fizzy drink to rewriting a grant proposal on arctic research. There are a few areas where we don't work for ethical reasons, such as tobacco and the arms industry.


12. Do you offer editing and proofing?

Yes. We are always happy to improve existing material or simply to check for grammatical errors and typos.


13. What about US/UK English?

We write to your own house style, and often use US, UK or Australian English as needed.

1.   How do we brief you?

2.   What if we don't like the copy?

3.   How much work is needed from us?

4.   Isn't it better to write it ourselves?

5.   How can you understand our business?

6.   What does it cost?

7.   Do you write SEO copy?

8.   What if we need design/web coding etc?


10. Is there any topic you can't write about?

11. Do you offer editing and proofing?

12. What about US/UK English?

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